CNF Online Journal 1: “My Name.”

I have never known or met someone that has the same name as I, Iyazelle. When I meet people for the first time, they always have a hard time pronouncing and spelling it. There are also times where people get it completely wrong like sometimes they say it as Isabelle or like the name that I have at my old dentist which is Iyabelle. People always ask why is my name Iyazelle and what does it mean.

July 6. 2002, the day that I was born. My mother went to the hospital for a check-up but to her surprise she was already in labor. My parents already had a name in mind but they were not fully decided yet. My mom was about to get discharge but still they have not decided on my name. My grandmother (father side) wanted my name to be combination of her mother’s name and my mother’s late mother. She also wanted me to have a second and a third name while my father wanted it to be Iyazel, short and simple. Iyazel came from the word Ihiazel, angel of political prisoners but he revised it to Iyazel to make it more simple and so that I would not be teased as ihi or pee. He wanted my name to start with a letter I and then he saw the word Ihiazel in a news paper. This meaning of this name is very significant to our family. My grandfather (father side), Bonifacio Ilagan is an activist and he was once political prisoner during Martial Law and my late grandmother, Rizalina Ilagan is also an activist who went missing during that time.

While my parents and grandmother where having a discussion about my name, my uncle decided to speak up and told that my grandmother should let my parents decide. I was named Iyazel but how did it became Iyazelle?

When I was young I wondered why Iyazel was written on my personal stuff like books because I know the spelling of my name was Iyazelle and not Iyazel. My parents told me that my grandmother changed it to Iyazelle. After a few days of me being Iyazel, she went to the municipal hall for it to be changed to Iyazelle. I asked my grandmother why did she changed it and she said that my former name was too simple and adding “lle” has a feminine touch to it.

When I was in high school I grew curious if there was more to my name besides the meaning that my parents would tell me. I looked it up on the internet and I saw an article on Philstar about it and surprisingly this was the same article that my father saw back then. I was surprise when I saw the whole meaning of it because it somehow matches my personality.

Ihiazel (Eighth Angel of the Powers, Oct. 9 to 13)

Reach for the sky! Ihiazel is the liberator. He frees the prisoners; he liberates people from tyranny, oppression, and all enemies.

Ihiazel will help his protégés to free themselves from anxiety and stress. He wants them to fight their lower tendencies, to reach higher aspirations. He will liberate them from their enemies, inside and outside. With no more obstacles to their energy, they will have a very intense life!

Ihiazel also rules over prints and books. He influences writers and artists. He inspires his protégés, and they will like reading, drawing, and all arts. Very talented, they have a lot of imagination. Observant and insightful, they are charmers and will do well socially. They can excel in arts, writing, drawing, and communication.

I am vocal with my opinions and political views. I am more inclined to arts than science or math. I enjoy reading and I am very interested in performing especially in acting. I also can socialize well. The programs that applied for college are all communication courses. The one thing that does not match is “drawing” because I do not really have any talent when it comes to drawing but I enjoyed doing it when I was young. My parents would also sometimes joke around that maybe because of my name and my nickname that is why I have a “palaban” personality or “nasobrahan sa pagiging palaban”. The reason for my nickname is also interesting but that’s a different story.

I admit that when I was young I did not really like to explain the meaning of my name because I thought people will judge me or have a wrong impression with it but now I am proud to tell its meaning and excited to tell its story.

I find my name cool and interesting because it is unique and there was some sort of journey before it became what it is. It has a connection to my family and it coincidentally describes me. I really love my name although sometimes I wish I could have a second name.


Lo, Ricky. “Guardian Angels of Those Born in October.”,, 2 Oct. 2001,

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